Tax Advantages of Fleet Leasing

Companies using fleet leasing to meet their transportation and shipping needs has many advantages compared to purchasing the vehicles. In addition to being exempt from various upfront costs, fleet leasing also enables companies to meet their transportation and shipping needs with fixed monthly payments, and gain tax advantages by deducting vehicle lease payments during the lease term.

What Are the Tax Advantages of Fleet Leasing?

The main economic advantage of fleet leasing for companies is that vehicle leasing costs can be considered operating expenses. This is why monthly lease payments are tax deductible. The fact that vehicle expenses such as depreciation costs and maintenance & repair costs are covered by the company providing the fleet leasing service provides financial advantages for the lessees.
The fleet leasing option also allows taxable expenses such as VAT, annual motor vehicles tax, maintenance & repair and revenue stamp costs incurred in the purchasing process to be included in the lease and considered tax deductible expenses.

What Are the Other Advantages of Fleet Leasing?

With fleet leasing, which enables the use of the most suitable vehicles for the structures and needs of businesses at the most affordable costs, you can use the vehicles you need for transportation and shipping purposes effortlessly for the lease term of your choosing. In cases where a certain vehicle in the fleet needs to be discarded or replaced, you can make the changes stipulated in the contract by contacting the rental company. Compared to purchasing vehicles, this enables the business to avoid issues such as selling the vehicle that needs to be replaced and depreciation costs.

Meet the Avis Filo Assurance!

Avis Filo, which always leads the industry in terms of customer safety, health and satisfaction, provides businesses with solutions suitable for their changing structures and needs by supporting them throughout the service period. Standing out in terms of customer satisfaction and driving safety with its various services, Avis Filo supports customers all around Türkiye in breakdowns, maintenance and tire changes with its 24/7 Full Support Hotline.
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