Fleet Rental?

What is Fleet Rental?

Fleet rental is a long-term vehicle rental service that provides financial advantages to companies. Since companies do not have equity capital obligations, fleet rental stands out as a more affordable option. With Avis Filo, you can avoid the disadvantages and additional obligations of purchasing vehicles by renting the vehicles that best suit your company's needs.

Boasting over 40 years of experience in fleet rental services in Türkiye, Avis Filo understands your company's needs and offers flexible and tailor-made solutions with a large vehicle fleet and a professional team that ensures customer satisfaction.

Fleet Vehicle Rental Process

With Avis Filo, you can choose vehicles and additional services based on your company's needs.

Deciding on a Vehicle: Thanks to Avis Filo's large vehicle fleet, you can rent any number of vehicles you want in any segment. While deciding on your vehicle, you can consult Avis Filo's experienced team and get detailed information about vehicle models and segments.

Additional Services: You can also receive additional services with your vehicle rental from Avis Filo, including HGS and OGS management. Our experts will provide you with more information about these additional services.

Quote: After you decide on the vehicle you want to rent, our team starts working on offering you the best rate. They come up with a quote after thoroughly evaluating your needs. Once you approve the quote, we start with the official transactions for your rental.

Official Transactions and Contract: When you decide to receive fleet vehicle rental services from Avis Filo, we start carrying out the official transactions and drawing up your contract. Companies receiving long-term vehicle rental services are required to submit certain official documents. After the procurement conditions are met, a contract is signed between Avis Filo and your company.

Fleet Renting vs. Fleet Buying

When making decisions about fleet renting or buying, it is important for businesses to compare options and consider their advantages and disadvantages. While fleet renting provides businesses with cost control, ease of maintenance and operational flexibility, fleet buying offers the advantage of vehicle ownership and increased value. It is important to make the right decision based on the needs of the business, capital position and long-term goals.

Criteria Buying Renting
Cost ✗ High initial investment cost ✓ Cost control with low monthly payments
Maintenance and Repair ✗ Maintenance and repair under the responsibility of the business ✓ Maintenance and repair usually under the responsibility of the rental company
Flexibility ✗ Limited flexibility, potentially having to use the purchased vehicles for a long time ✓ Flexible rental terms and models
Operational Risks ✗ All operational risks belong to the business ✓ Damage and accident risks belong to the rental company
Value Change ✗ Value may decrease or increase over time ✓ Value change is under the responsibility of the rental company
Scrap Risk ✗ You keep the scrapped vehicle ✓ You receive an equivalent relief vehicle
Used Vehicle Value ✗ Used vehicle value is a factor ✓ No need to think about used vehicle value at the end of the contract term
Operational Burden of Used Vehicle Sale ✗ Having to deal with notarization, negotiation and appointments ✓ You return the vehicle at the end of the term with no operational burden
Long-Term Commitment ✗ Lower flexibility ✓ Offers flexibility at the end of the contract term

What Are the Advantages of Fleet Vehicle Rental?

Fleet rentals provide countless benefits for companies.

A company that rents fleet vehicles,

  • Meets its vehicle needs at very low costs by eliminating the high costs of purchasing a vehicle.
  • Eliminates the operational burden and costs related to the vehicle, such as periodic maintenance and insurance.
  • Saves time, as fleet vehicle rental eliminates the paperwork required for vehicle purchase, maintenance and service processes
  • Receives a relief vehicle in case of an accident or during maintenance, preventing any disruptions in company operations.
  • Only has to consider fuel costs.

Avis Filo Vehicle Rental Services

Avis Filo produces effective solutions for your needs with its corporate vehicle rental service. With its customer satisfaction approach and professional team of experts, Avis Filo provides services that make a difference in every field.

Insurance Transactions: Avis Filo offers insurance in corporate vehicle rental services, and it is responsible for renewing your coverage and all related fees.

HGS Management: In rental vehicles, installation and procurement of HGS systems and monitoring of penalties are carried out by Avis Filo's team of experts. This enables you to save on fines by getting early payment discounts.

Accident and Damage Management: In case of accidents or damages in rental vehicles, all processes are carried out by Avis Filo teams.

Periodic Maintenance and Repair: Avis Filo is responsible for carrying out and paying for all operations such as periodic maintenance and tire changes. Avis Filo also covers all expenses in case of an accident.

Fleet Rental Advantages of Avis Filo

Avis Filo's vehicle rental services offer exclusive services and advantages for businesses.

Wide Range of Vehicles: Avis Filo offers various vehicles in different segments. You can choose from a variety of options, from small vehicles to luxury ones.

Flexible Rental Terms: Avis Filo offers short- and long-term rental options based on the needs of your business. You can change the rental term based on your company's needs.

Maintenance and Repair Services: Avis Filo vehicles go through regular maintenance and repair. These processes ensure operational continuity of the vehicles and reduce unexpected maintenance costs.

Insurance and Tax Transactions: Avis Filo carries out transactions such as traffic insurance, vehicle insurance and motor vehicle tax, so that companies can focus on their business without having to deal with such transactions.

Reduced Operational Risks: Renting a vehicle with Avis Filo reduces risks such as loss of value, maintenance and repair. Avis Filo manages most of these risks.

Professional Support: Avis Filo experts understand your company's needs and offer you the best rental options. You can make the right decision with Avis Filo's professional support and consulting services.

Quick and Easy: Vehicle rental process is much quicker and easier with Avis Filo. You can easily make a reservation through our customer representatives or our website.

Cost Analysis and Reporting: Avis Filo provides cost analyzes and detailed reports throughout the rental term. This enables you to better manage vehicle costs and make more informed decisions.

Vehicle rental advantages of Avis Filo help you keep costs under control while improving your operational efficiency. You can find the best vehicle rental solutions for your company's needs with Avis Filo's professional service and unique advantages.

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