Fleet Leasing

What is Fleet Rental?

Fleet rental is the long-term vehicle rental service preferred by corporate companies due to its advantages. Fleet rental is more economical as it does not create equity liability. By renting the most suitable vehicles for your company under the Avis promise, you can avoid the disadvantages associated with purchasing them.

As Avis Fleet, we have 40 years of experience in fleet rentals in Turkey. In addition to our extensive experience, our wide range of fleet vehicles and professional team contribute to our provision of excellent customer satisfaction. By understanding your company’s needs, we offer you customized, flexible solutions.

What are the Advantages of Fleet Rentals?

Fleet rentals provide countless benefits for companies.

A company that rents fleet vehicles,

  • fulfils its need for vehicles at a low price, avoiding the high costs of purchasing vehicles,
  • avoids operational burdens and costs, such as periodical maintenance or insurance costs,
  • avoids the paperwork required for standard vehicle purchasing, maintenance and service, and saves time,
  • is provided with a new vehicle in cases of accidents or maintenance needs, and does not experience any disruptions in workflow,
  • is only responsible for fuel costs.

Avis Fleet Corporate Vehicle Rental

With its focus on high quality and excellent customer-satisfaction, Avis fleet’s expert crew always provides service that makes a difference, thanks to its effective and need-based solutions.

Basic and Comprehensive (Casco) Insurance: In corporate rentals, basic and comprehensive (casco) insurance coverages are Avis’s responsibility. We also perform the necessary renewal processes and cover the costs.

Fast-Pass System (HGS) Management: Avis Fleet’s expert teams purchase and set up the HGS systems and monitor the penalties associated with HGS. We also ensure that the penalty fees are paid during the initial payment period, at the reduced price.

Periodical Maintenance and Repairs: The vehicles’ periodical maintenance and tire changes, including all costs, are Avis Fleet’s responsibility. In cases of accidents, we are responsible for all the costs.

How do You Rent a Fleet Vehicle?

You can determine the vehicles and services based on your company’s needs under the Avis Fleet promise.

Deciding on a Vehicle: With the wide range of fleet rental vehicles at Avis Fleet, you can find the right segment and number of vehicles based on your needs. In the decision-making process, you can benefit from consulting with Avis Fleet’s experienced team members, asking them for detailed information on the model and segment of the vehicle you are planning to rent.

Determining Additional Services: Additional services, such as HGS or OGS high-way passage systems, are available as part of your Avis Fleet rental vehicle. You can determine which of these additional services you would be interested in after obtaining detailed information from our experts.

Quote: After you decide on the vehicle you will rent, our team will create a quote for you. This quote will be offered to you after a detailed analysis of your needs. Upon your agreement, we will begin the formal preparations for the rental.

Formal Paperwork and Contract: Once you agree to rent a fleet vehicle from Avis Fleet, the formal paperwork and contract need to be signed. Companies that are interested in long-term vehicle rental need to provide the required official documents. Once the collateral requirements are met, a contract is signed between your company and Avis Fleet.

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