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As a subsidiary of Koç Holding that represents its parent’s reliability and high service quality, Avis Fleet is the leader of long-term vehicle rentals in Turkey.

Drawing from over 40 years of experience in the sector, robust financial structure, an expansive service network encompassing the entire country, and professional staff, Avis Fleet offers quick and reliable services. Avis Fleet is continuously investing in diversifying its fleet and expanding its service network to rapidly meet the long-term vehicle rental needs of its users.

Long-term vehicle rental is a service where the renters benefit from comprehensive and professional fleet management for rental periods of 12 to 47 months. As part of this service, Avis Fleet takes care of the operational aspects of the rental, including insurance, maintenance, and taxes, saving you time and money while eliminating financial losses due to operational inefficiencies.

Individuals are also able to benefit from Avis Fleet’s long-term rental services. Individual rental periods are limited to 12 months.

You can select and book a rental quickly and conveniently via our official website avisfilo.com. The rental configurator on the website allows you to find the brand, model, and services that fit your business needs. There is a vehicle that suits your needs in the expansive list of options offered by Avis Fleet for long-term rentals. In case you are unable to find the vehicle you need, you can fill a request form to order other vehicles that are not available on the website.

While making a decision, Avis Fleet’s experienced staff are here to answer your questions and give you detailed information about the model and segment of vehicles on offer.

The vehicle on the photograph may have some equipment differences with the actual vehicle. Please refer to the variants and features of the vehicle while selecting a vehicle on the configurator.

All personnel in your company’s payroll older than 22 and with a valid driver’s license issued at least 1 year before the date of the application may drive the vehicle you rent from Avis Fleet. There is no surcharge for extra drivers.

First, you will have to submit necessary documentation about your company (tax certificate, circular of signature, findeks report or mobile phone information registered with Findeks, corporate tax return, trade registry gazette and certificate of good standing). The documents will be evaluated by our corporate risk department, which will determine the feasibility of working with you as well as your Direct Debiting System (DDS) coefficient. When the necessary limit has been allocated, you will be asked to sign and stamp the contract and supplementary protocol and deliver those to us.

The Direct Debiting System (DDS) allows you to make payments, and we collect payments through DDS accounts as well. Your advisor will provide you with a list of banks where you can open a DDS account.

The advisor assigned to you will inform you of the DDS coefficient after the evaluation of the company documents you have submitted.

Yes. You can contact Avis Fleet 24/7 Full Support Service Center at 444 0 996. Available across Turkey, Our Full Support Service Line is ready to assist you with all service requests about your rental, and offers a broad range of services including towing, roadside assistance, and accommodation.

You can rent any brand and model of vehicle for long-term rentals, as long as the vehicle you select is available from the distributor. In case you are unable to find the vehicle you need, you can fill a request form to order other vehicles that are not available on the website.

If the rental contract of your business contains provisions for mini damage coverage, you are able to benefit from unlimited repairs for small-scale damages up to the amount specified in the supplementary protocol.

We recommend that you have winter tires equipped in September, and removed in April. If you have rented a commercial vehicle, please note that winter tires are mandatory between December 1 and April 1.

Avis Fleet makes getting, changing and storing tires an easy task with over 300 contracted tire change stations across Turkey. Avis Fleet offers tires that meet the technical specifications of manufacturers and prefers the top brands in the market.

Please contact Avis Fleet 24/7 Full Support Service Center for questions and detailed information about seasonal tire changes.

Yes, you can. You can drive your rental outside Turkey after taking the necessary motor insurance.

Yes. You can add any additional equipment to your car as long as such equipment does not void the vehicle’s warranty.

When it is time for the periodical inspection of your rental, please call Avis Fleet 24/7 Full Support Service Line (444 0 996) to learn about how to proceed. Please note that you are expected to follow the Full Support Service Line’s directions.

The stamp duty of the vehicles rented from Avis Fleet is shared equally between Avis Fleet and the renter.

You can download the Avis Fleet mobile app on Google Play and Apple Store. The app offers various functions to carry out rental related tasks in a convenient manner. As an alternative, you can contact Avis Fleet 24/7 Full Support Service Line at 444 0 996 and receive assistance from our competent and professional staff.

Of course. You are able to buy your rental vehicle at the end of the rental period via Otokoç’s second-hand vehicle platform, otokocikinciel.com. Please contact our Full Support Service Line at 444 0 996 for any questions and assistance about the process.

It is essential that methods such as full wrap, logo placement, and localized wrap are carried out by professional service providers and all operational processes followed through effectively in order to prevent and damage to the long-term rental and achieve a good result.

After receiving your registration, you can contact Avis Fleet 24/7 Full Support Service Line at 444 0 996 to obtain a logo authorization permit. Avis Fleet Full Support Line will ask for relevant information such as the license number, your full name, Turkish identity number, and e-mail address. After submitting these, your authorization permit will be prepared and e-mailed to you.

The logo will be inspected at Tüvtürk stations, afterwards you will be given a report and registration, which you will have to mail to the motor vehicle consultant. The consultant will make sure that the vehicle’s logo is marked on the new registration, which will be delivered to you.

TOKKDER (Association of All Car Rental Organizations) “Wear and Tear Guide” applies to the return process of your rental.

You can notify Avis Fleet that you will return the vehicle by sending an e-mail to iade@avis.com.tr upon which you will be informed about the Otokoç delivery point and the address you are expected to return the vehicle, as well as a list of personnel authorized to accept the vehicle.

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