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As a brand that reflects the reliable business principles and impeccable service standards of Koç Holding, Avis Filo is a leader in fleet leasing services, offering the long-term vehicle leasing sector in Turkey a wide-spread service network and a professional staff of experts.

Vehicle leasing contracts of from 12 months to 47 months comprise long-term operational fleet vehicle leasing services.

The service of providing long-term vehicle leasing is only available to corporate entities and private companies.

Persons who wish to carry out individual leasing can apply to res@avis.com.tr for support.

You can access the configurator on Avisfilo.com to select the vehicle you want. If you cannot find the vehicle you want, you can use the request form to ask for vehicles that are not on our website.

There may be some small equipment-based differences between the vehicle appearing in the image and the actual vehicle. When selecting a vehicle on the configurator, you need to consider the version of the vehicle and its features for reference.

All personnel registered on your company’s payroll who are at least 22 years old and have had a driver’s license for a minimum of one year can drive the vehicle you lease from Avis Filo. There si no extra cost for an additional driver.

Required Documents:

You need to provide us with the documents required from your company (tax registration certificate, signature circulars, Findeks risk report or cellphone registered on Findeks, corporate tax declaration, Trade Registry Gazette and Operating Certificate). Your documents will be reviewed by our Corporate Risk Department and you will be informed about working suitability and the Direct Debiting System (DDS) index. After the needed limit is assigned, you will need to forward to us, stamped and signed, our contract and the additional protocol we drew up for you.

When you make your payments over the Direct Debiting System (DDS), we receive your payments over this account. Your consultant will provide you with the list of banks where you can establish a DDS account.

After your company documents are reviewed, the DDS index that needs to be activated will be sent to you by the consultant specifically assigned to you.

Yes. You can reach our Avis Filo Full Support 24/7 Hotline at the call center number 444 0 996.

You can find the vehicles you want that meet your needs in the segment you want and in the number that you want in the expansive Avis Filo vehicle fleet. Avis Filo offers you operation fleet leasing services with a wide range of brands and models.

You can achieve the repair of small-scale damages to the vehicle you lease from Avis Filo that do not exceed the limit specified in your additional protocol by declaring an unlimited number of damaged parts.

We recommend that you install your winter tires in September and have them removed in April. We would like to remind you that if you have leased a vehicle with a commercial license, it is required that you use winter tires over the period December 1 - April 1.

Yes. You can drive out of the country if you have obtained the necessary automobile insurance.

Yes. You may make any additions that do not take you out of the scope of the guarantee for your vehicle.

When it is time for your vehicle’s inspection, you can contact the Avis Filo Full Support 24/7 Hotline (444 0 996) for information. You must follow the directions given to you from the Full Support Hotline.

Stamp tax on your vehicle leasing is shared half and half by Avis Filo and the leasing party.

Of course. It is possible for you to purchase a vehicle in this way from the Otokoç Second Hand (otokocikinciel.com) platform. For more detailed information on this, please call 444 0 996 on the Avis Filo Full Support Hotline.

After your permit has been delivered to you, you will need to apply to the Avis Filo Filo 24/7 Full Support Hotline (444 0 996) to get a letter of authorization for a logo. The Avis Filo Full Support Hotline will ask you for information such as your plate number, your fullname, your Republic of Turkey ID and your email. Once you provide this information, your authorization document will be sent to you via email.


After your logo is registered with TÜVTÜRK, you will need to send the report and permit you receive to the Consultancy via cargo. The Traffic Consultancy will affix the logo to the permit, after which you will be sent a new permit, thus ending the process.

The return of your vehicle will be handled in compliance with the “Wear and Tear Guidelines” approved by TOKKDER (Association of All Vehicle Leasing Establishments).


After you report the return of your vehicle to iade@avis.com.tr you will accordingly be informed of the Otokoç vehicle return point and address where you will deliver your vehicle and you will be given a list of authorized personnel.

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