What You Need to Know About Vehicle Leasing

If you want to get a new vehicle but do not want to pay significant amounts every month, you can use vehicle rental services to get a vehicle at a monthly rate that is more affordable than getting the same vehicle with a loan. We should remind you that renting a vehicle does not grant ownership of the vehicle at the end of the contract.
Leasing, one of various vehicle rental options, is actually quite similar to renting an apartment. A vehicle lease contract grants you the right to use the vehicle by paying a certain amount per month. Since you will not own the vehicle, you will need to follow a certain set of rules. Certain terms in leasing differ from conventional vehicle rental options. We should start off by explaining the term “leasing” and how the process works.

What is Vehicle Leasing?

Vehicle leasing enables you to rent a vehicle for a certain period of time. The transaction usually takes place between companies and individuals. This is an ideal option for individuals and businesses that don't want to own a vehicle or want to avoid long-term commitments. Leasing offers the opportunity to own a new vehicle at lower costs, and maintenance/repair costs are usually covered by the rental company. Leasing terms can vary in different companies and countries, so it is important to carefully review the contract terms and consult an expert.

Who Can Use Leasing Services?

Vehicle leasing services are available to everyone, including businesses and individuals. Businesses often lease commercial vehicles since this option enables them to reduce costs and facilitate capital management. For instance, a logistics company may prefer leasing for transportation vehicles. Construction companies may choose to lease construction equipment. Businesses in the service industry may prefer the leasing method for commercial vehicles.
Individuals may also prefer leasing, especially when they see it as a more suitable option for short- or medium-term vehicle use instead of owning a vehicle. Leasing reduces the cost of owning a vehicle and provides the opportunity to use a new vehicle with regular payments. Individuals often lease cars or other vehicles for personal use. Leasing terms and conditions may vary in different companies and countries. It is important to contact rental companies in advance and come up with an agreement that meets your specific needs.

How to Lease a Vehicle

  • Research
    Identify your needs and preferences. Identify your preferred vehicle type, make, model, features, and purpose of use.
  • Choosing a Rental Company
    Find a reliable rental company. Evaluate the company's reputation, services, contract terms and customer satisfaction.
  • Contract Negotiations
    Contact the rental company of your choice and get information about the leasing process. Learn about details such as the vehicle’s make, model, leasing period, monthly payment amount, mileage limit, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Application and Approval
    Apply for leasing. The company will evaluate your application based on your credit history, financial situation and other evaluation factors. After your application is approved, you proceed with the contract.
  • Signing the Contract
    Read the lease contract carefully and make sure you understand it. The contract will include the monthly payment plan, lease term, mileage limit, insurance conditions, and other details.
  • Down Payments and Monthly Payments
    Some lease contracts may require a down payment. After making the down payment, you can start making regular monthly payments during the lease term
  • Vehicle Delivery and Usage
    When the lease term begins, you receive and start using the vehicle. The vehicle will be at your disposal for the specified lease term.
  • Maintenance and Repair
    The rental company usually covers the vehicle’s maintenance and repair costs. For certain malfunctions or periodic maintenance, you may need to use the service points identified by the rental company.
  • • End of Lease Term
    When the lease term ends, you return the vehicle to the rental company. In some cases, individuals may also be offered a purchase option in the contract.
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