Vehicle Delivery

Rental Vehicle Delivery

When you use Avis Fleet operational long-term rental services, all delivery processes are performed by our professional crew.

You can schedule a delivery time for the vehicles you rent. Our expert team is responsible for delivering the leased vehicles without any disruptions or time loss. Feel free to contact our team members with any questions you may have with regards to the delivery of your Rental Vehicle.

Avis Fleet Long-Term Operational Lease Vehicles

The vehicles you lease under the Avis Fleet promise are brand new with zero kilometers. Thanks to Fleet rental services, you enjoy the privilege of being the first one to use and explore the vehicle, in addition to the special payment options and superior service standards.

Based on your preference, you can choose form a wide variety of vehicle brands and models, and benefit from time- and cost-saving services, including automobile insurance, maintenance and vehicle inspection.

The Delivery and Return of Rental Vehicles

Avis Fleet representatives found throughout Turkey perform all the delivery and return processes related to the vehicles you rent from the Avis Fleet family. The equipment found on your rental vehicles from Avis Fleet are in compliance with the traffic regulations in Turkey and are only delivered to you after they pass the technical and legal controls by our expert team.

Pricing of the Leased Vehicles

The charges for long-term vehicle lease only begin to accrue after you have received your vehicles from the Avis fleet representative.

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