Tire Change

When to Change the Tires?

Avis Fleet prioritizes your safety. Worn out tires that meet the wear conditions determined for tire change are replaced by Avis Fleet when necessary. Avis Fleet undertakes the tire change of its vehicles based on the mileage conditions specified in the contract.

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Only Avis Fleet is authorized to perform the tire change of rental vehicles. The tires of the vehicles you rent from Avis Fleet are replaced with tires of the type and size determined by the manufacturer, depending on the mileage conditions specified in the contract.

The manufacturer is the sole authority in decisions pertaining to tire replacements and any of your requests regarding the tire brand, type and size shall not be taken into consideration.

You do not have to pay any fee for the tire change of the vehicle you rented from Avis Fleet. You may schedule a free tire change by contacting Avis Fleet’s contracted service locations.

If the terms of the rental contract you sign with Avis Fleet includes the provision of winter tires, you will be provided with winter tires for your Avis Fleet rental. If this is the case, you will be provided with 1 set of winter tires free of charge; and when it is time to change your winter tires, you may enjoy the free tire change service.

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