Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Commercial vehicle leasing has become a popular vehicle rental service among companies in recent years. By enabling users to quickly obtain a commercial vehicle for a specific amount of time, commercial vehicle leasing offers a considerable cost advantage.

Purchasing a commercial vehicle involves many costs and taxes. Leasing a commercial vehicle when you need it rather than buying it reduces your workload while also enabling you to save the budget you would otherwise spend on commercial vehicle purchases to be used for other investments.

Terms and conditions of commercial vehicle leasing depend on various factors. The specifications of the vehicle, its size, cargo space and passenger capacity should be taken into account while leasing the vehicle.

How to Lease A Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicle leasing procedure requires various documentation depending on the usage purpose of the vehicle. For cargo vehicles, documentation should take into account the vehicle’s size as specified in the license.

For passenger vehicles to be used as transport in tourism regions, the vehicle’s license should be updated to reflect the passenger capacity. If the license does not specify a capacity, the vehicle must have a K permit. This K permit is categorized into two sub-classes, namely K1 and K2. Vehicles with a K1 permit can carry cargo within Turkey.

K2 permit is a cargo permit given exclusively to the vehicle’s owner. If you need to lease a commercial vehicle for the long-term for personal reasons, you must have a K2 document and cargo transport documents.

Drivers of rental vehicles to be licensed for commercial use must have the SRC permit that corresponds to the vehicle’s class. This document can be defined as a professional qualification certificate required for all drivers who transport goods and cargo within the country’s borders in accordance with the Regulation on Road Transport.

Vehicles registered as pickup trucks in vehicle class N1 or N1G1 and licensed for personal use can be leased as passenger vehicles for both long and short-term rentals without having to obtain a Transport Permit (K Permit) and a SRC permit, on condition that the vehicle is not used to carry goods or cargo for commercial purposes.

Avis Fleet Privileges

Avis Fleet’s operational vehicle leasing services offer a variety of advantages to customers. You can obtain a K2 certificate by signing a commercial vehicle leasing contract with Avis Fleet. In doing so, you can carry out your commercial activities without a self-owned vehicle. Offering tailored solutions to meet the needs and requirements of its users, Avis Fleet is always by your side for a comfortable and safe journey.

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