Accident and Damage Management

Do Rental Vehicles Come with Collision Damage Coverage?

All cars rented from Avis Fleet have collision damage coverage. All vehicles are insured against damage in accordance with the terms set forth by the Insurance Association of Turkey. In the event of an accident, the damage coverage comes into effect immediately. At Avis Fleet, we prioritize customer satisfaction and make sure that you are also covered in case of damage.

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If you get into an accident with the vehicle you rented from Avis Fleet, please make sure that you are well, first. Then, you may report the damage. To do so, you may contact the Full Support Hotline immediately. You can request a damage file to be issued by calling the Avis Fleet Full Support Hotline at 444 0 996. Your damage notice will be processed when the damage file is issued.

You may send a damage notice only through the Full Support Hotline. The Full Support Hotline team will refer you to an authorized service location after they receive the damage notice. In the event of an accident, you will be referred to the nearest authorized service location. If the rental vehicle is too damaged to be driven to a service location, it must be towed. Avis Fleet will arrange the towing service.

At Avis Fleet, we value your health above all, however, the incident has to be officially reported. After the accident, you must fill out the accident report. You are responsible for submitting the accident report within the legal period. Accident report submission period is 4 days from the day of the accident. You may submit the accident report to the relevant service after making sure that you have filled it out completely and correctly so that you do not encounter any problems with damage compensation.

For accidents involving Avis Fleet rental vehicles, damage repair is only done at authorized service locations. Unfortunately, you cannot request damage repair at service locations of your choice. Accordingly, damage repairs can only be carried out at authorized service centers and Avis Fleet’s contracted service locations.

Apart from an accident, you may also get the windshield, headlights & taillights and side mirrors repaired on your rental vehicle. In such cases, the repair only necessitates a written statement of the customer; a police report or an accident report is not needed. Avis Fleet covers the repair of the windshield, headlights & taillights and side mirrors based on the driver’s statement.

If the customer purchases the mini-damage coverage, damages of up to the amounts determined by Avis Fleet are repaired with the written statement of the driver only.

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