Long-Term Vehicle Rental Fee Calculation

In recent years, vehicle rental has become a popular option for both individuals and companies. Long-term vehicle rental is particularly advantageous. Costs are among the first things that people consider before renting a vehicle. How are long-term vehicle rental fees calculated?

Long-Term Vehicle Rental Fees for Individuals

Long-term vehicle rental fees for individuals generally vary depending on the vehicle make, model, rental term and additional services. For example, long-term vehicle rental fees for individuals may vary quite a bit for a luxury sedan compared to a fuel-efficient hatchback.

Geographical location is also a key factor. If you search for “long-term vehicle rental fees in Istanbul,” you may see that the fees are slightly higher compared to other cities due to high demand and the cost of living in the metropolis.

If you are looking for a general list of long-term vehicle rental fees, we recommend that you visit the websites of rental companies and compare their various vehicle models and rental fees. In addition to fees, you should also consider the details and additional fees in the rental contract.

Long-Term Vehicle Rental Fees for Companies

Long-term vehicle rental for companies is generally referred to as fleet rental, and differs from vehicle rentals for individuals in certain aspects. Companies often rent multiple vehicles at once to get discounts or affordable packages.

Long-term vehicle rental fees for companies are determined based on the number of vehicles rented, model preferences, rental term and additional services. Special services for corporate customers (e.g., maintenance and repair services, relief vehicle in case of accident) are also key factors in pricing.

Another advantage of long-term vehicle rental for companies is the fact that the rental company covers various expenses, including maintenance, taxes and insurance. This provides a significant advantage for budget planning.

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