Long Term Car Rental

What is Long-Term Vehicle Leasing? What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

By utilizing a long-term vehicle lease offered as part of the vehicle fleet rental service, clients may lease a vehicle for at least 12 months with a commercial or corporate plan.

The long-term vehicle leasing service frees businesses from both the cost of purchasing a vehicle and the obligation to manage or monitor the operational processes of their vehicles such as maintenance, insurance and automobile insurance.

Boasting the largest and most prestigious operational vehicle leasing fleet in Turkey, Avis Fleet is positioned as the leading company that is most preferred by limited liability companies, joint stock companies and sole proprietorships.

In addition, we provide you with professional consulting during the entire leasing process with an end-to-end approach, thus helping you maximize your operational performance. With the long-term vehicle leasing service, you can focus on your business while we take complete care of your vehicle.

Who Is Eligible for Long-Term Vehicle Leasing?

At Avis Fleet, we provide long-term vehicle leasing services to sole proprietorships and corporations with tax registration certificates. We categorize our long-term vehicle leasing service as commercial and corporate depending on the organization we serve.

You can personally drive the vehicles that you will lease for a long time for your sole proprietorship, which has a tax registration certificate.

Based on your company needs, you may opt for either the long-term commercial or long-term corporate vehicle leasing plan.

Commercial Long-Term Vehicle Leasing

Companies require commercial vehicles for their field operations and business processes.

Due to the increase in vehicle costs, many businesses turn to commercial long-term vehicle leasing services.

You may find a commercial vehicle leasing service that suits all your needs at Avis Fleet.

Corporate Long-Term Vehicle Leasing

Corporate vehicle leasing is the service businesses opt for when leasing company vehicles for their various needs. Corporate vehicles are generally leased for long periods.

When you choose Avis Fleet, the leading operational vehicle leasing company in Turkey, for your corporate long-term vehicle leasing needs, you will enjoy a wide variety of advantages offered to you while freeing yourself from the additional costs of purchasing a vehicle.

What Are the Long-Term Vehicle Leasing Prices?

Long-term vehicle leasing prices may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle you lease. Click here to receive a quote now!

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