Avis Filo Quality in Fleet Management

Fleet management is a method preferred by companies to boost employee satisfaction or improve the operational process. In order for this whole process to be beneficial, it is important to reach an agreement with a rental company that is successful in fleet management. Keep reading to learn more about fleet management.

What is Fleet Management?

A fleet vehicle is a motor vehicle owned or leased by a business. Various organizations may provide fleet vehicles to their employees, such as sales representatives or managers, or use them to deliver goods. Vehicle rental companies and taxis can also use fleet vehicles. Depending on its size, the company's fleet may be looked after by a fleet manager. In general terms, the agreement between the business and the rental company can be called fleet management. Before deciding whether to buy a fleet vehicle, it's a good idea to look at both purchasing and leasing a fleet. Some businesses choose to directly purchase the vehicles they need with a much bigger initial spending, but without monthly fees. However, this requires a large amount of capital, and vehicles lose value rapidly. If your company has been in business for a long period of time and has a large amount set aside, purchasing may be a better option. But fleet leasing is always the better option. Fleet leasing enables you to select the vehicles you need for your fleet and pay a monthly lease rate. This generally includes maintenance, so with fleet management services, your business has less to worry about or keep track of.

Avis Fleet Management

Under your agreement with Avis, you can receive the following services.

  • E-Branch Services: You can use e-branch services to access data such as fleet information, vehicle information, rental invoices, traffic tickets, damage amounts, damage information, maintenance information, account statement, and debt information.
  • Usage of Vehicles: You can receive technical or functional information about the usage of the vehicles.
  • Accident and Damage Management: In case of any accidents, you can hand over damage management to the rental company.
  • Insurance: Vehicle insurance is currently one of the most important issues. You can contact your rental company for all insurance transactions of your vehicles.
  • Delivery: You can have the rental company deliver the vehicles and start driving them right away.
  • Periodic Maintenance: Long-term rentals require periodic maintenance. That is why you need to check if the rental company offers periodic maintenance.
  • Return Process: Just like the delivery stage, you can contact the rental company for the return process and end the service in a practical manner.
  • 24/7 Full Support Hotline: You can contact the 24/7 Full Support Hotline to receive help at any time during your service.
  • Relief Vehicle Support: One of the most important factors to consider in fleet leasing is relief vehicle support. You need to know whether the rental company provides such support to make sure that you are not left without a vehicle, especially during periodic maintenance. With Avis Filo, you can receive a relief vehicle and continue to drive comfortably.
  • Tire Change and Services: Since fleet vehicles will be used for a long time, there has to be a set period for tire changes. Thanks to your Avis Filo, your rental company, you can easily access tire change services and travel safely according to seasonal conditions.
  • Mobile App: You can save time by carrying out all your reservation transactions on the mobile app.
  • OGS/HGS Management: You can choose to apply to Avis Filo for bureaucratic and operational procedures.
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