Annual Vehicle Leasing and Prices

Annual Vehicle Leasing and Prices

The annual leasing prices of Avis Fleet vehicles vary according to their make and model. Our annual vehicle leasing packages offer great advantages that make life easier for corporations and sole proprietorships.

Deciding on annual leasing ensures that you remain unaffected by the price increases that happen throughout the year, thus guaranteeing a financially advantageous deal. Moreover, when you opt for annual leasing, you have the opportunity to choose the make and model you want and can rest assured that all your needs will be met.

At Avis Fleet, the leading operational fleet leasing service brand in Turkey, we deliver a quality-centric service with our wide range of vehicle options and by providing you with a smooth experience through our professional consulting service that you can utilize during your leasing period.

When you choose Avis Fleet for the mobility needs of your business, you can gain a positive momentum in your commercial activities as you enjoy our affordable prices.

What are the Advantages of Annual Vehicle Leasing?

There are many advantages of a long-term, annual leasing service instead of purchasing vehicles for your company.

Avis Fleet's annual vehicle leasing service starts from a minimum of 12 months and can be extended to a maximum of 47 months. When you sign an annual vehicle lease contract with Avis Fleet, the VAT stated on the invoice is deductible. In addition to being able to claim the VAT, the remaining invoice amount can also be written off as a business expense. Moreover, damages that may occur in a possible accident and the drop in the value of the vehicle are significant risks.

However, companies minimize these risks by leasing vehicles on an annual basis.

Unlike purchasing a vehicle, you do not have to pay a large amount at the time of pick-up when you choose to lease. When you prefer long-term leasing, you reduce the financial burden on your company and ensure that the equity capital you need to grow remains with your company.

While using Avis Fleet’s annual vehicle leasing service, you may enjoy the advantages of our service in case of a possible vehicle breakdown. As part of our professional fleet management approach, we ensure that your business continues uninterruptedly with our courtesy vehicle service.

Thanks to our contracted service network spread throughout Turkey, your vehicle's maintenance and repair processes are handled by teams of experts.

If the maintenance and repair processes of your leased vehicle exceed 1 business day, an equivalent vehicle will be allocated to you within 24 hours in Istanbul and within 48 hours in other provinces. The fact that Avis Fleet undertakes the periodic maintenance of your vehicles is one of the advantages we offer our drivers for added convenience.

In addition to all these, Avis Fleet covers all its annual leasing vehicles against theft or robbery. Delivered with Compulsory Traffic Insurance, your leased vehicle is also insured by Avis Fleet against catastrophes, thus enabling you to fully take advantage of our philosophy of trust and high-quality service.

What Are the Conditions for Annual Vehicle Leasing?

Sole proprietors and corporations can benefit from Avis Fleet’s annual leasing services. As part of our service offering, you will be asked to submit various official documents to expert consultants at Avis Fleet.

We are unable to provide a vehicle/fleet leasing service in case of failure to submit one or more of the said documents, such as a tax registration certificate, list of authorized signatories, trade registry gazette and certificate of activity. Since the type of documents we request may vary depending on the commercial title of your company, you may contact our Avis Fleet Communication Center for accurate and detailed information about the required documents.

Another important point to consider when thinking of utilizing annual vehicle leasing, apart from the lease conditions, is the terms regarding the use of leased vehicles. The leased vehicles must be driven by the payroll personnel of the legal entity signing the lease contract. Other requirements are that your payroll personnel should be over 22 years old and have had their driver’s license for no less than 1 year. As part of Avis Fleet’s annual vehicle leasing service, you are obliged to abide by Avis Fleet’s contractual terms, and situations such as lending, renting or selling your leased vehicles to others for free or in exchange for money are considered a breach of contract.

What Are the Annual Leasing Prices?

Annual vehicle leasing prices may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle you choose.

Boasting the largest operational leasing fleet in Turkey with 40 years of experience in fleet leasing, we offer you the most affordable deals with the highest service standards, thus providing you with greater leasing advantages.

Our expert staff provide consulting services for you to easily make the right choice from our extensive fleet of vehicles, and we offer annual vehicle leasing services to companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large-scale corporations, with a 360-degree service approach in line with our principle of 100% customer satisfaction.

We combine professional consultancy services with unlimited options to choose from for long-term satisfaction. Avis Fleet tailors its annual vehicle leasing deals to suit the business models of organizations operating in a wide variety of industries. In doing so, we are able to provide you with cost advantages and make sure that your needs are fully met.

Why Should I Prefer Avis Fleet’s Annual Vehicle Leasing Service?

Avis Fleet is the leading fleet leasing brand in Turkey. With over 40 years of experience under its belt, Avis Fleet’s strong financial structure is a testament to this long-established success.

We deliver fully checked vehicles with zero mileage to our distinguished business partners who prefer Avis Fleet for annual vehicle leasing services. Moreover, we always offer innovative solutions for your needs.

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