What Are the Additional Services for Long-Term Car Rental?

Long-term car rental offers flexibility and cost advantages, especially for business or personal needs. As the popularity of this service grows, rental companies are expanding their offerings to provide more additional services to their customers. Here are some of these:

Maintenance and Repair Services

Individuals with long-term car rental contracts can also benefit from maintenance and repair services. This service covers the periodic maintenance and possible repairs of the rental. This way, you won’t need to spend extra time and money on your car’s maintenance.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is an essential part of long-term rental packages. This service is designed to provide quick and effective solutions when you are stranded on the road. It offers a significant advantage when you need a tire change, battery boost, or a tow to the nearest service stop.

Dedicated Consultancy

Dedicated sales consultants are professionals who offer tailored services to businesses during the term of the long-term rental agreement. These consultants understand the specific needs of your business and provide you with the most suitable car rental solutions. Every business has unique requirements and expectations, and dedicated sales consultants develop bespoke solutions by catering to your needs.

Customized Car Options

Long-term car rental services allow you to customize your rental car. You may have special requests, such as a specific equipment. These services ensure that your car meets your needs perfectly.

Long-term car rental offers many advantages and additional services for individual and corporate customers alike. If you are considering long-term car rental services, you can explore the expansive range of cars and the additional services Avis offers.

Making your journeys or business more comfortable and secure with the long-term car rental advantages offered by Avis Filo.

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