Corporate Rental Conditions

Those who wish to receive corporate rental services need to meet certain conditions. These conditions are required in order to benefit from reliable and professional service. If you want to receive seamless service during your vehicle rental, you need to fulfill the specified conditions. Those who wish to receive corporate rental services must meet the following conditions:

  • Companies receiving corporate rental services can have each personnel on their payroll drive the vehicle they rented from Avis Filo without paying any additional driver fees. The employee driving the vehicle must be at least 22 years old and must have held his/her driver's license for at least 1 year.
  • Those who prefer long-term corporate rental may use the vehicle together with other drivers. In such cases, the information of the other drivers must be submitted in advance. After the identification of the other drivers, the process for the rental contracts is started.
  • Conditions of corporate rental may include a certain mileage limit for the individuals. If a certain mileage limit is set for corporate rentals and this limit is exceeded, the pricing may vary. Individuals involved are informed about these conditions prior to the vehicle rental transactions.

Corporate Rental Rates

Corporate rental rates vary depending on the class of the vehicles. Rates may vary based on the classes of the vehicles and the rental term. It is possible to reduce various costs through corporate rental. This is a much more profitable option, as it enables you to reduce the maintenance costs for your vehicles. There are various payment methods available, allowing for convenient long-term vehicle rentals. Corporate rentals require a deposit payment. If you wish to receive corporate rental services, you should learn about the conditions and pricing in advance.

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