Advantages of Corporate Rental

Many businesses don’t know whether they should buy or rent a vehicle. The idea of having full ownership of a vehicle may sound more advantageous in terms of usage. However, considering factors such as the company taking full responsibility of the vehicles and budget planning, vehicle rental may be a more suitable option for businesses. Let’s take a look at the other advantages of this service.

Which Type of Rental is More Affordable?

It may be possible to purchase a vehicle using credit from certain banks, but you may still need to make a down payment for the vehicle. However, no down payment is required for the vehicle rental option. The down payment for purchasing a vehicle can be used to finance the other needs of the company. In vehicle rentals, payments can be made monthly or annually. Considering all these factors, we can see that vehicle rental offers a significant financial advantage to companies. However, it is worth noting that long-term corporate rentals offer more advantages compared to short-term rentals. Other financial advantages of vehicle rental can be listed as follows:

Time Savings

Vehicle purchasing processes can be long and complex, as this requires procedures such as obtaining a license in addition to financial transactions. However, the vehicle rental option ensures that the vehicles needed by the company are delivered to the company address as soon as possible thanks to a fast and effective evaluation process. This enables companies to reach their goals much faster.

No Need to Worry About Periodic Maintenance!

Free periodic maintenance is among the services offered by rental companies. When it is time for a rented vehicle to go through periodic maintenance, the fleet manager assigned to the company communicates with the company officials and ensures that the maintenance operations are carried out on time. These maintenance operations are carried out at the authorized service providers at no additional cost. This way, companies can have their vehicles regularly maintained free of charge, and ensure that their vehicles run safely and efficiently.

Assistance in Adverse Situations

Users receiving corporate rental services can request towing or service support at any time of the day by contacting their fleet managers when they are stranded on the road for any reason. In adverse situations, the personnel do not need to make extra efforts, and they can receive support as soon as possible. This service is provided to ensure the safety of vehicle users and uninterrupted operation.

Ease of Replacing Vehicles

Fleet leasing enables companies to avoid loss of value and high amounts in tax payments in sales of vehicles. They also have the opportunity to replace the rented vehicle at any time. Fleet leasing offers users the flexibility to switch to older or newer model vehicles, change their fuel preferences, or choose between automatic and manual vehicles. This allows companies to replace their selection of vehicles at any time based on their needs and preferences.

Find Comfort with Avis Filo!

Leading the corporate rental industry, Avis Filo enables you to handle all your vehicle rental services and business trips without any problems. You can take advantage of the exclusive opportunities offered by Avis Filo with corporate rental options suitable for your budget, and you can take firm steps towards the future with your reliable solution partner.

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