Commercial Vehicle Rental Advantages

Commercial vehicle rental is frequently preferred by many companies, especially in recent years. Being able to quickly rent various types of commercial vehicles for as long as you need also comes with cost advantages.

The process of purchasing a commercial vehicle involves many business-specific costs and taxes. Renting a commercial vehicle when needed instead of purchasing one not only alleviates your workload, but also enables you to use the budget you would allocate to purchase a commercial vehicle for a different investment.

Rental conditions of commercial vehicles may also vary depending on various factors. Commercial vehicles should be rented based on certain factors, including requirements, size, freight volume, and passenger volume.

How to Rent Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle rental requires different documents based on the intended use of the vehicle. If you are renting a vehicle for freight transportation, you will need to provide the documentation according to the definitions specified in the licenses based on the size of the vehicle.

If you want to rent a vehicle to travel in touristic areas, you will need to add the number of passengers to the vehicle license. If there is no specified number in the license, the vehicle will need to have a K Authorization Certificate. Vehicles are granted K1 or K2 Authorization Certificates based on their mode of transport. Vehicles with K1 Authorization Certificate can transport freight in Türkiye.

With the K2 Authorization Certificate, only the real owner of the vehicle is allowed to transport freight. If you need to a long-term commercial vehicle rental for personal reasons, you must have a K2 Authorization Certificate and other transportation documents.

Drivers who will use the rental vehicles to be licensed commercially must have the SRC document required for the relevant vehicle class. According to the Road Transport Regulations, this is a professional qualification certificate that is mandatory for all drivers who transport goods, freight and cargo in the country.

Vehicles in N1 and N1G1 vehicle classes, registered as pickup trucks with special licenses, can be used without an Authorization Certificate (K Authorization Certificate) or SRC certificate in short- and long-term rentals, provided that they are used for non-commercial transports.

Avis Filo Privileges

Avis Filo offers its customers various advantages in operational vehicle rental services. You can obtain the K2 Authorization Certificate with the vehicle contract drawn up for the commercial vehicle you will rent from Avis Filo. This way, you can easily carry out your commercial activities without being the original owner of the vehicle. Offering suitable solutions in line with the requests of the users, Avis Filo is here for you whenever you need to travel safely and comfortably.

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