What is a Rocker Panel? Rocker Panel Fixing

A rocker panel is a vehicle component commonly found on the lower sides of cars. Positioned beneath the car’s doors, it typically serves as an extension of the bodywork. The main function of the rocker panel is to protect the sides of the vehicle from impact.

Rocker panels are particularly susceptible to damage in narrow streets, parking areas, and challenging road conditions. Such damages often manifest as scratches, dents, or paint peeling. The process of rocker panel correction is essential to preserve the original appearance of the vehicle.

What is a Rocker Panel?

A rocker panel is a part located on the lower sides of vehicles, extending parallel to the doors and serving to protect the body from impacts. In addition to contributing to the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle, it plays a protective role in minor collisions and pebble impacts. Damaged rocker panels can affect the overall appearance of the vehicle and, consequently, its resale value.

How are Rocker Panels Repaired?

Rocker panel repair typically involves several stages. These include:
  • Damage Assessment: The size and depth of the damage is determined. This affects the scope and cost of the repair process.
  • Cleaning and Preparation: The area to be repaired is cleaned and smoothed out. This ensures better adhesion of paint that will be applied later.
  • Correction and Shaping: Dents are fixed, bringing the part as close as possible to its original form.
  • Painting: Paint matching the original color is applied to the repaired area.
  • Final Check and Buffing: The surface of the rocker panel is inspected after painting, and the surface is buffed if necessary.

Rocker panel repair is a crucial step for the maintenance and protection of the vehicle. Avis Fleet provides rocker panel correction, painting, and repair as part of periodic maintenance, ensuring that your car maintains its original form. The periodic maintenance services carried out by Avis Fleet’s expert technicians contribute to the longevity and peak performance of your vehicle, enhancing your car rental experience.

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