Maintenance Guide for Electric Vehicles: Differences from Conventional Vehicles

The popularity of electric vehicles is steadily increasing day by day. Being mindful of their maintenance can enhance the performance of these vehicles. The maintenance of electric vehicles differs from conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. In this informative guide, we will delve into the periodic maintenance of electric vehicles and highlight several important points.

The Importance of Periodic Maintenance in Electric Vehicles

Maintenance of electric vehicles is less complex compared to conventional vehicles. Periodic maintenance of electric vehicles is crucial to ensure the vehicle’s longevity and efficient operation. Basic components such as the motor, battery system, brakes, and tires need to be regularly checked.

Special Maintenance Recommendations for Electric Vehicles

Battery Maintenance and Management

The battery, which is the heart of electric vehicles, requires special attention. It is recommended to protect the battery from extreme hot or cold weather conditions and maintain ideal charge levels. Charging the battery to a certain percentage range instead of full capacity regularly can prolong the vehicle’s lifespan.

Fren Sistemi Kontrolü

Elektrikli araçlar regeneratif frenleme sistemine sahip olduğundan fren balataları geleneksel araçlara göre daha az aşınır. Ancak fren sisteminin periyodik olarak kontrol edilmesi ve gerektiğinde bakım yapılması önemlidir.
Tire Maintenance and Rotation

Due to the high torque of electric vehicles, tires may experience more load. Therefore, regular tire inspections, maintaining optimal tire pressure, and rotating them when necessary are important.
Electric Motor and Power Transmission System Check

The motors and power transmission systems of electric vehicles are different from those of conventional vehicles and require less maintenance. However, regular inspection by a professional service and early detection of any issues are crucial for the vehicle’s longevity.

Periodic vehicle maintenance in electric vehicles not only provides a sustainable transportation solution but also ensures their long-term and efficient use. Avis Fleet’s car rental services offer ideal solutions for both individual and corporate needs. Avis Fleet provides options tailored to every need with its superior service quality, customer-centric approach, and extensive range of vehicles, including electric models.
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